Shu Yong

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Born in 1974 at Xupu, Hunan Province.
Currently lives and works in Beijing and Guangzhou City.

Founder and creator of large public art “Tens of Thousands of People Singing the National Anthem in Red Uniform”. He made a great flutter by creating “Bubble Girls”in 2006, which became the most representative of new sculpture work. In 2007, he was chosen as one of top ten creative leaderships by popular media including Zhang Yimou. During Beijing Olympic, he was chosen as one of one hundred people could influence the future 50 years development of Beijing. In 2008, he gained Outstanding Artistic Achievement Medal during 30 years’ reform and open-up by both Chinese Culture Promotion Society and National Museum of China. In 2009, he created “Flower of Life” sculpture depended on 512 earthquake background, which became the most shocked and human concern sculpture work, In 2010, “CHINA Kungfu” caused Shanghai World Expo a great sensation, became the most talked about and popular works of art in the Expo. He gained certificate of honor signed together by Vice Premier of State Council Wang Qishan and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Yu Zhengsheng. At the same time, the work won silver metal in International Exhibitions Bureau. His works of paintings, sculptures and photographs are exhibited at galleries in New York, Paris, London, Basel, Miami, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney, Berlin, Florence,Lucerne, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, which collected by galleries and collectors at home and abroad. In 2009, he won Lifetime Achievement Award together with MarinaAbramovic on Seventh International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence.