Jan 09 - Jan 27, 2010

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By Curator Agnes Fan, 

The exhibition is an attempt to reclaim a territory, to build a shelter for our souls, among the hostility of contemporary art world, as well as to manifest, to materialize our spirit onto the canvas. Using Reclaim · Manifest as the title of the show for the100th anniversary of the birth of abstract art, we celebrate the beauty of abstraction – a balanced dance between the rational and the sensational. 
Jiang Da Hai, after his years traveling in France, bought us works that are vast, deep, and atmospheric. Like a classical symphony, his color is noble, delivering an exceptional expression that could not be dreamed of through the traditional Ink and Wash process. 
Li Lei’s recent work Shanghai Flower has an internalized and enduring gracefulness. It sparkles and restlessly stabs into the unbearable lightness of being. 
Light or heavy, is always a question, which is your choice?

Abstract is not only a style, but a choice about how to live.
Meng Lu Ding is as avant-garde and insightful as before. Combining the beauty of the machine and the beauty of the anti-machine, his practice displays a full life force. Breaking through restrained ideas and rationality, his work goes beyond the exhausted discussion about the pros and cons of technology. 

It is an indifference glance to the time we are in, for how enthralled he is by his far ranging visions of the future. 
There is another kind of enthrallment: to be fascinated by the joy of the beginning of the universe. Tan Ping’s work provides a possibility that all lives could be lived at their maximum. Adding and erasing, fluency and hesitation, his works are not just lines, but the carrier of breathing from lives. They have lived through the first emergence from the ether, capturing the first appearance of living creatures, thriving through times, rewarded with the fullness of growth. 
Abstract art, with its anti-art agenda, reactivates art, but what stands behind of this anti-art spirit is its independency and rationality. The Chinese contemporary art has been developed for 30 years, and we need abstract art to distill all that has happened and been displayed, to remove the gap and stereotypes between East and West. Abstract art is actually the most tolerant approach, because in looking for roots it engages with the contemporary.

                                                                        Jan. 2010

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