‘‘Civilization’’ Round I - Lin Lv
Dec 22, 2013 - Feb 15, 2014

Press Release

A Translation and Multiple Regeneration Practices of Arts and Humanities
CURATOR: Dai Zhuoqun

ARTISTS: Bai Yiluo, Cai Dongdong, He Sen, Hou Yong, Han Wuzhou, Lei Benben, OuYang Wendong,
             Qiu Qijing, Shi Jinsong, Shi Jing, Song Yonghong, Xu Xiaoguo, Xiao Yu, Yin Zhaoyang, Zheng Qiang

ORANIZER: White Box Museum of Art
THANKS: Linzhou Government

OPENING: 3pm,22th of December,2013
DATE: December 22,2013 – February 15,2014
10:00 – 18:00. Tuesday – Sunday
NO.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China
T: +86-10-5978 4800
Website: www.798whitebox.com

“Civilization” as a idea of chronic art practice concerning multiply wide vision, originally aims to invite the artists to enter into the basic section of cities, in which the reality of China in concentrated, through the way of cultural creation. By the means of fieldwork and interview, they carried out the art creation and performance in the view of their own and the correspondingly pertinent research related to regional history, society and folkway events. Therefore, it may provide art project with idea that is more profound, and offer a diverse and transdisciplinary, wide and open background for better comprehending the complicated contemporary life. 

“Civilization” is a kind of art and humanity practice between transformation and rebirth. It conducted from every single basic city, enlightening the new possibilities of values and knowledge creation by the ways of embodying and directly pointing. Here had an enduring and colossal project of art and culture. That is to make the Chinese contemporary art and culture more common in the context of globalization and regional reality, to activate the inane concept space with substantial scene when art is getting involved in the tranquil and remote field of society, to practice the multiple creation and carry out the intellectually transdisciplinary production, and to reflect the nowadays in the view of history, tradition and reality.

“Lin Lv” is the first round of the art project “Civilization” series. From September 2013, the initiator and creator Zhuoqun Dai of the project, supported by Beijing White Box Museum of Art, has invited fifteen artists to drive to Linzhou, a city in Anyang, Henan, which is at the foot of the Taihang Mountain, and to conduct a special fieldwork of art. Till now, after three months, what these artists have achieved representing their own standpoint and point of view is about to show in joint in White Box Museum. To make the aspect more diverse and the view more individualized, Dai selected the artists really carefully regarding the whole process from invitation to creation and exhibition. The invited artists eventually convey their ideas and perform the creations through various medium like oil paintings, installations, watercolour, sculptures, mixed media paintings, videos and conceptual photography, etc.

About Lin Lv:

Linzhou is formerly named Lin Lv County in Tang Dynasty, to the west of which stretches the Taihang Mountains or Lin Lv Mountains instead consisting of Huanghua, Tianping, Yuquan, Honggu and Qixia Mountain from north to south in an unbroken 180 metres chain. The mountains are magnificent as well as serene, and there have had many recluses from the ancient times. Between the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties(1,200 AD), Jing Hao, pioneer for the Chinese landscape painting, retired to seclusion in Honggu Mountain and named himself as Hongguzi. He was regarded as the founder of the Northern Landscape style that is characterized by depicting lofty mountains and steep hills. Jing’s painting style was later expanded to monumental landscape painting by Guan Tong, Li Cheng and Fan Kuan. Guo xi, one master of landscape painting who lived in the Northern Song dynasty, said that the Lin Lv is the most charming place of the Taihang Mountains in his famous book entitled The Lofty Message of Forest and Streams.

About forty years ago, the unnoted Lin County was well known throughout the country for its Reg Flag Canal that is 1,500 kilometres long in total and is entitled “artificial galaxy”. 

Curator Article

“Civilization” as a idea of chronic art practice concerning multiply wide vision, originally aims to invite the artists to enter into the basic section of cities, in which the reality of China in concentrated, through the way of cultural creation. By the means of fieldwork and interview, they carried out the art creation and performance in the view of their own and the correspondingly pertinent research related to regional history, society and folkway events. Therefore, it may provide art project with idea that is more profound, and offer a diverse and transdisciplinary, wide and open background for better comprehending the complicated contemporary life. 


“Civilization” is a kind of art and humanity practice between transformation and rebirth. It conducted from every single basic city, enlightening the new possibilities of values and knowledge creation by the ways of embodying and directly pointing. Here had an enduring and colossal project of art and culture. That is to make the Chinese contemporary art and culture more common in the context of globalization and regional reality, to activate the inane concept space with substantial scene when art is getting involved in the tranquil and remote field of society, to practice the multiple creation and carry out the intellectually transdisciplinary production, and to reflect the nowadays in the view of history, tradition and reality.


“Lin Lv” is the first round of the art project “Civilization” series. From September 2013, the initiator and creator Zhuoqun Dai of the project, supported by Beijing White Box Museum of Art, has invited fifteen artists to drive to Linzhou, a city in Anyang, Henan, which is at the foot of the Taihang Mountain, and to conduct a special fieldwork of art. Till now, after three months, what these artists have achieved representing their own standpoint and point of view is about to show in joint in White Box Museum. To make the aspect more diverse and the view more individualized, Dai selected the artists really carefully regarding the whole process from invitation to creation and exhibition. The invited artists eventually convey their ideas and perform the creations through various medium like oil paintings, installations, watercolour, sculptures, mixed media paintings, videos and conceptual photography, etc.


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